Sunday, 6 April 2014

cladding chapter 2

Ta da!!!

The protective outer layer of scaffolding has finally been peeled back to reveal the cladding in all it's raw glory. 

 That's Dean on the left standing dangerously high and unsupported on a ladder.  Below the ground floor eaves are two sheets which are yet to be coated.

Over the past few weeks Jess and Dean have meticulously measured, cut, clouted and argued over the ply cladding sheets, and equally as lovingly placed the capping strips on.  All the edges of the ply are either covered and or coated, and everything has been given a coating of the Deck-Doc, and a rub down with an oily cloth. Shiny.  We are really pleased to see the results, and really please to have reached another stage in the works.

The shot to the left shows the East facade, and two upper window to the bathroom and a bedroom.

I love the deck-Doc, but I am covered in oil after a coating session.  It just seems to get everywhere, and the smell of the oil and feel of the lanolin remains with me long after.  It has a viscosity which seems to allow it to seep in well to the grain of the timber, but allows it to spread fast across my hands, face and clothing

Horizontal metal flashings finished in Colorbond "Ironstone" take water away from the upper sheet edges, and the vertical tallowwood 18x35 strips protect the vertical edges.


  1. Beautiul. When it was desciged to me, I was very doubtful and muttered something like "effing architects". But I was wrong.
    The cladding adds instant soul to the place.
    Bob/ Dad

  2. Soul? Is that a christian soul or a James Brown soul?