Thursday, 6 February 2014


The restaurant district of Barkly Street in West Footscray has for some time now been transformed into a pleasant place to boulevard.  Slower traffic speeds, footpaths widenings, and trees have made is a safer and pleasant place to eat, shop and meet people.  It's one of the truly interesting and lively streetscapes in the inner west at night.

But City of Maribyrnong's City Design team have struck a winner with the Parklets. Designed by the team, they are temporary installations in existing permanent on-street parking places.  After the summer they will be removed, restored and stored, then relocated the following summer in a new place.

While they only temporarily remove a parking spot, they may be a good exercise in proving whether the parking increases or decreases passing trade for the local businesses.

And although we are months away from Parking Day, I vote them Best Action By A Local Government Body

It's only a shame that the warning bollards are also temporary.  Perhaps they will be removed as an unnecessary piece of risk mitigation. 

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  1. Totally agree Michael, they're great. Hate the protective field of bollards, but one thing I really like is that they're not placed in front of the obvious trendy food retailers. Ones in front of a video shop slash low end restaurant, and the other in front of a pet shop. Adds to the diversity I reckon, and says that usable public space needs to be more than a spot to sip lattes outside the popular Cafe.